The list below contains tools, articles, production guides, and plugin recommendations to help you write great music and become a better producer. When it comes to improving yourself as an artist, it’s essential that you have the best tools at your disposal to aid you in your journey.

To start, we’d recommend reading EDM Prod’s “5 Stages of an Electronic Producer”, which will help you understand what it takes to go from a production newbie to a true professional.

Production Guides:

The Ultimate List of Music Production Resources


Makr Blog – Top quality productivity techniques and tutorials written by the Makr team
Splice Blog – General production articles, artist interviews
Landr Blog – General production articles and resources
EDMProd – Creativity, production, and everything in between
Bedroom Producers Blog – Free samples, plugins, and giveaways
DJ Tech Tools – DJ and producer resources
Cymatics Blog –  Production articles, samples, and great “best of free ___ “ lists
Budi Voogt – Music business and music marketing goldmine
The Pro Audio Files – Mixing, production, and recording tutorials

Youtube Channels:

Dubspot – General production tutorials
Point Blank – General production tutorials, weekly livestreams, track masterclasses
Icon Collective – Creativity, artist interviews, and production tutorials
Cymatics – Production, sound design, and music business tutorials
Mr Bill – Great ableton tutorials by an established producer
SeamlessR – FL Studio, sound design, and livestreams
Sonic Academy – General production tutorials and artist interviews
Production Music Live – Great track walkthrough and general production tutorials
Sadowick – Ableton and general production tutorials
I’m a Music Mogul – Logic and music production tutorials
Fabfilter – Great tutorials on audio engineering
Computer Music  – Tutorials and producer masterclasses
Future Music Magazine  – Tutorials and producer masterclasses
ADSR – General production tips & tutorials
Waves – Audio engineering tutorials
Pensado’s Place – Audio engineering tutorials and producer/engineer interviews
Fact Magazine – Documentaries, freestyles, and live production videos
Pyramind – General production tutorials, music theory, artist masterclasses
Ableton – Great tutorials and artist interviews
Image Line – FL Studio tutorials

Paid Courses:

EDMProd – Great introductory production courses
Production Music Live – Start to finish tutorials
ADSR – Assorted production courses
Groove3 – DAW courses, sound design, and audio engineering
Bassgorilla – Great for bass music and music theory
Udemy – Music production, audio engineering, and music theory
Creative Live – Top quality production and engineering courses
Sonic Academy – Sound design, track creation, plugin tutorials and more

Beginner Studio Gear:

KRK Rokit 5 – The classic beginner studio monitors
Yamaha HS5 – Upgraded studio monitors
Akai MPK Mini 25 Key – Entry-level portable midi keyboard
M-Audio Keystation 49 – Budget-friendly, full size keyboard
Focusrite Scarlett Solo – Great starter audio interface
Shure SM57 – The classic dynamic studio microphone
Sterling Audio ST51 – Great budget-friendly microphone

Music Theory Resources: – Free online music theory resources
Hooktheory – Software that breaks down popular music
Music Theory: The TL;DR version  – Great music theory resource

DAW Resources (Your DAW’s Manual):

FL Studio
Logic Pro X

Sound Design Resources:

Syntorial – A vst that teaches you sound design
SeamlessR – Great for heavier sound design
ADSR – Synth- and genre-specific tutorials
Zen World – EDM-centric tutorials and remakes
Cymatics – Great introductory sound design guide


Izotope Mixing Guide – Great mixing resource, a must read
Izotope Mastering Guide – Introduction to mastering
Fabfilter – Wonderful tutorials on audio engineering essentials
Weiss-Sound – Live track mixing and plugin tutorials
Mix:Master Wyatt – Great mixing/mastering blog

Free Sample Packs:

Makr Samples – Our carefully designed free sample packs
99 Sounds – Free sound effects
Free Sound – Great for foley and random samples
Cymatics – Presets, drum samples, midi and more
Wavy – New free samples every week

Paid Sample Packs:

Splice – Subscription based sample library
Cymatics – Top quality drum samples and presets
Samplephonics – Well curated and unique sample library
Loopmasters – The classic sample pack provider

Free Plugins:

Landr – The 60 best free VST’s of 2016
Bedroom Producers Blog – Regularly updated list of the best free plugins

Paid Plugins:

AOM Invisible
Fabfilter Pro-L
Fabfilter Pro-Q2
Fabfilter Saturn
Izotope Ozone
Izotope Trash2
Izotope Vintage Limiter
Kazrog KClip
Kilohearts Disperser
Ohmicide Ohmforce
Soundtoys Decapitator
Valhalla Room Reverb
Voxengo SPAN
Waves MaxxBass
Waves RBass
Waves Soundshifter
Xfer Dimension Expander
Xfer OTT
Xfer Serum
Xfer LFO tool


Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio – Classic mixing/mastering book
Dance Music Manual – Great introductory resource
Music Theory for Computer Musicians – Starting point for music theory newbies
Ableton Live Power – Teaches you the basics inside the popular DAW
HookTheory – Great books on songwriting and arrangement.
Ableton Workflow Manual – Coming Soon