Juno 106

Juno-106 Sampler


The Juno-106 is one of the most iconic polysynths ever created. We were super excited to get our hands on one in the studio, and even more excited to pull high quality recordings of some of its patches.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… why not just use digital synth plugins to make these sounds? Well, the truth is that true analog synths have unique characteristics that VSTs can’t easily replicate. The inconsistencies and noise are part of what gives analog synths their character.

To preserve the integrity of the original sound, we carefully multi-sampled our Juno-106 in a state-of-the-art studio in downtown LA.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with these instruments and we hope you will too!

All samples are marked with note/key and octave number. Additionally, each instrument rack we put together to house these samples has 8 macros allowing you full control of the instruments.

Makr Juno Instrument Rack
Instrument rack with macros


Product Description

Pack Contents:

  • 200 samples split by note and octave
  • 10 Ableton instrument racks (with macros)

Juno Patches used:

  • Juno Bass 1
  • Juno Bass 2
  • Juno Brass (noisy and clean)
  • Juno Fanfare
  • Juno Pluck 1
  • Juno Pluck 2
  • Juno Square Pluck
  • Juno Strings
  • Juno Synth 1
  • Juno Synth 2